Aerial Yoga

The Aerial Yoga (Aerial Yoga) is a unique hybrid practice combines traditional yoga postures with strengthening elements and the fun of the Air Arts.

Aerial Yoga practice is done with the help of a soft trapezoid cloth which hangs from the ceiling.
The body is supported in mid-air and, because of gravity, asanas are expanded in a new and exciting way that strengthens the entire body, reinforcing its proprioception and alignment, while enhancing the decompression of the joints and the relaxation of the fascia and the deeper muscles.

Fear and tension are released, and the confidence is built in an amusing way!
This program is only available to students who are already Certified Yoga TeachersIf you do not certification, and wish to make education contact us

Unnata® Aerial Yoga quickly became known worldwide, as “the Aerial Yoga that still feels like Yoga.” Apart from its basic uses, Unnata uses the hammock to help students deepen their breathing and enter their energy body, in order to achieve a complete practice. Furthermore, the instructors use the hammocks to give the students deeper knowledge on the practice of the traditional yoga asanas, and on the balance between releasing the tension and engaging the muscles during a yoga practice.

The training includes:
  1. The function of Unnata Aerial Yoga- why is it classified as a Yoga practice

  2. Working with the Yin and Yang energies, working in the air and on the ground

  3. What to look for in your students

  4. The sequence of an Unnata Aerial Yoga class.

NOTE: Final evaluation and successful completion of the program will be based upon an examination, including both a written test and class given by the student. If you are coming from abroad, please allow an additional day for your accommodation.

Swaha Aerial Yoga is a fun part of Aerial Yoga. More acrobatic than Unnata, with more flow (Vinyasa), the whole class is almost entirely done on the hammock. It enables the trainees to create classes for beginners, emphasizing on safety and proper alignment, as well as for advanced students, with dynamic sequences.

NOTE: Final evaluation and successful completion of the program will be based upon a satisfactory class given by the student that will ensure safety, proper alignment and balanced sequence.

Swaha Aerial Yoga - Αθήνα
16-19/11 & 23-26/11
Studio: Swaha Yoga & Pilates Center
Contact: 210.9229251
Training: Tanya Popovich

Unnata™ Aerial Yoga – Malaysia
May 20-28 2016
Studio: Peace Studio,
Contact: 07 554 9478/ 07 562 1419
Teaching: Tanya Popovich

Unnata™ Aerial Yoga – Malaysia
May 20-28 2016
Studio: Peace Studio,
Contact: 07 554 9478/ 07 562 1419
Teaching: Tanya Popovich

Unnata™ Aerial Yoga – Athens
June 23-26 and June 30-July 3, 2016
Studio: Swaha Yoga & Pilates Center
Contact: 210.9229251
Teaching: Tanya Popovich

Unnata™ Aerial Yoga – Vancouver / Canada
12-20 August 2016
Studio: Yoga Generation
Contact: [email protected]
Teaching: Tanya Popovich

The Swaha Aerial Yoga certification allows the student:

  • To Teach Aerial Yoga in Greece and abroad.

  • • To Become a member of the Swaha Aerial Yoga Teachers group on facebook, with over 100 trained instructors throughout Europe, and connect with them, trading knowledge and experience.

  • To add the training hours, if the student is a YA Registered Teacher, to the Yoga Alliance continuing education program.

The Unnata™ Aerial Yoga Diploma and the international certification is given by Michelle Dortignac, founder of the system. With a successful completion of the program:

  • Graduates will be able to call themselves Unnata Aerial Yoga instructors.

  • The graduates’ contact information will be used in the Aerial Yoga website (,

  • • Graduates will be invited to join the Facebook page, which is only for Unnata Yoga Instructors, where they will be able to upload pictures, videos, to ask questions about the instruction and the activity of Aerial Yoga, they will be able to share their success stories, and stay connected with the worldwide community of Unnata Aerial Yoga Instructors.

  • After you complete the on-line application, a deposit of €350* is needed to reserve your spot.

  • Swaha Aerial Yoga: Full fee € 880, Price early bird € 780 * (€ 680 * for Greek Citizenship) until October 20

  • Unnata™ Aerial Yoga: Price early bird € 900 * up to 60 days from the date of training

  • Unnata™ Aerial Yoga: Full tuition fees € 1050 * up to 15 days from the date of training

  • Swaha Aerial Yoga: Early bird price €780* (€680* for Greek citizens) until 16 September

* The above prices do not include VAT
(There is the possibility of a partial scholarship -for more information please contact us)

For the Unnata™ Training in Malaysia, the following apply

  • Deposit of RM 1000 (EUR 250) is needed to book your spot
  • Early until 03, May – RM 5200 (EUR 1100)
  • Regular until 13, May – RM 5760 (EUR 1200)
  • Rush until 20, May – RM 6200 (EUR 1300)

* Pre-registration is highly recommended. If there is space available, the walk-in rate for onsite registration will be the RUSH RATE. For walk-in registrations, only cash and credit cards are accepted. If the workshop is 'sold out', walk-ins are not allowed and will not be accepted, due to safety and quality considerations.

Registration: 08.30-9.30 am
Instructor Training: 09.00 am- 05.00 pm
Prerequisite: Participants must already be certified Yoga Teachers

Please Contact:

Peace Management
No 113A & B Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/2
Taman Sutera Utama
81300 Skudai
Contact No : 07 554 9478/ 07 562 1419
Website :
Facebook Page : PEACE GROUP
Operation Hours : Monday to Friday 10am to 9pm, Saturday 10am to 5pm (CLOSED: Every National and State Public Holiday)

For the Unnata™Training in Vancouver and more info please click here

  • Early Bird 1,350 USD (if paid in full by July 1st)
  • Regular Price 1,500 USD
  • A 450 USD deposit is needed for enrollment
If you need to canel your participation to the program, the following states the returning policy:

  • 50% refund if canceled up to 30 days from the start of training

  • 20% refund if canceled up to 20 days from the start of training

  • For cancellations after 20 days from the start of the program, no refund

Tanya Popovich

Η Τάνια Πόποβιτς είναι Πιστοποιημένη Δασκάλα Yoga και ιδρυτής του Swaha Yoga Center. Η Τάνια ασχολήθηκε με την πρακτική του διαλογισμού στην ηλικία των 14 ετών όταν μυήθηκε στον Υπερβατικό Διαλογισμό. Μετά την ολοκλήρωση του Πανεπιστημίου Καλών Τεχνών και Σχεδίου, η Τάνια ξεκίνησε να σπουδάζει Γιόγκα κυρίως στην Ινδία, αλλά και στην Ταϊλάνδη και τις ΗΠΑ. Οι κύριες σπουδές της περιλαμβάνουν Classical Yoga (Yoga Vedanta Forest Academy), Esoteric Kundalini-based Hatha Yoga (Trika Yoga), Anusara Yoga (κυρίως με τον Jonas Westring) και Unnata® Aerial Yoga (με την Michelle Dortignac).
Σήμερα η Τάνια κατέχει τον τίτλο της Yoga Acharya – Master of Yoga της Yoga Vedanta Forrest Academy. Είναι ειδήμον στην Vedanta, Raja Yoga και στη Sanskrit, αλλά και στην ανατομία και βιομηχανική του σώματος. Είναι πιστοποιημένη Θεραπεύτρια Ταϊλανδέζικου Μασάζ. Η Τάνια συνδυάζει τη γνώση της για διάφορες πτυχές της γιόγκα σε ένα μοναδικό στυλ διδασκαλίας που ενσωματώνει την θεραπευτική ευθυγράμμιση του σώματος, τη ρυθμική ροή και την επέκταση της αναπνοής και της ζωτικής ενέργειας, τη συγκέντρωση, τη θετική ψυχοσύνθεση και τη σωστή ξεκούραση και διατροφή. Προωθεί τη γιόγκα ως ένα ολιστικό τρόπο ζωής μέσω του οποίου κάποιος κινείται προς την κατεύθυνση της ροής της κοσμικής αρμονίας και της χαράς.
Training is English. If you need Greek translation, please notify the trainer.
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