Besiri Vasiliki

Yoga teacher at Swaha Center.

I studied Computer Science and worked in the field of education for some years. At the same time I worked as an amateur theatre actress and participated in various theatrical performances. Yoga came to my life in 2012, initially as a physical exercise. As the time was passing by, however, I realized that the reason I insisted on this form of exercise was that it was offering me much more: Better knowledge and contact with myself, contact with my feelings, a more open heart, inner peace. All these important reasons led me to the decision of dealing with yoga professionally. I completed the Hatha-Vinyasa teaching course (200hours) with the excellent teacher Tanya Popovich. For more than a year, I voluntarily give yoga classes to female refugees, combining my experience in teaching with my love of yoga. My teaching focuses on the connection of breathing with asanas, deep relaxation and meditation where each one of us finds his own internal reference point. Let’s discover together our physical and mental potentials.