Lynn Roller

Yoga teacher at Swaha Center.

Lynn Roulo is a KRI certified kundalini yoga instructor who received her certification from the Guru Ram Das Ashram in San Francisco. She began her teaching experience at homeless shelters throughout San Francisco and started the Rasayan Center, a kundalini yoga studio in San Francisco’s financial district in 2009.

In February of 2012, she relocated to Athens, Greece.

“I came to kundalini yoga during a difficult period in my life when I wanted change. I started taking this form of yoga at the recommendation of a friend and kept coming to the classes because each class made me feel better. Eventually, I wanted to deepen my practice so I enrolled in the teacher training program. By the end, I felt so grateful for the experience, I wanted to pass it on to others so I started teaching.

I now look back on that difficult period of my life and feel gratitude for the path it put me on. I love kundalini yoga because I find it to be a transformative practice that is accessible to all people of all physical levels.”