Nelly Giannioti (Nelly Giannioti)

Yoga teacher at Swaha Center.

Nelly was interested in movement from a very young age (gymnastics) and she went on doing swimming, running, cycling, Aikido and mountain climbing.

She studied Sociology (BA, Deree College) and Social Research (MSc, University of Surrey) and then began working for a marketing research company, staying in the Client Service field for 9 years, and being in constant contact with other people

Her big love of movement and exercise combined with her wish to offer relaxation and therapy to others, while bringing them in mindful contact with their body through exercise, led her to change her professional career and turn to Pilates.

She started her Pilates training in 2011. It took place at Jenny Colebourne’s internationally recognized “Illium Center of Light”, attending the 2-year “Refined Pilates” Teacher Training Program (1080hr). She was trained in the Classical Pilates technique, in techniques the way they developed in the UK (Alan Herdman, Gordon Thomson together with Jenny Colebourne’s work) and in the US (California Style, New York Style), as well as in Pilates techniques by Jerome Andrews- Joseph Pilates’ assistant for 10 years, dancer and choreographer. She was also trained in fascia, as a part of the training program.

She has been trained on all the Pilates Equipment (reformer, wunda chair, cadillac, spine corrector, high ladder barrel, half barrel, arm chair) and on all the Props (ball, magic circle, resistance band, foam roller, weights).

Special emphasis was given on the therapeutic approach and the treatment of problems like kyphosis, scoliosis, cervical syndrome, hip and back problems, etc), on injuries and post-surgery, as well as psychosomatic relaxation. At the same time, special population groups were studied (pregnant women, nursing mothers, dancers), as well as people with chronic illnesses.

She has attended seminars on physiotherapy and movement study with physiotherapist Lena Trifonopoulou, seminars on Pilates Equipment with Ellie Ioannidou (Body Control Pilates UK), seminars on Pilates Mat with Jerome Andrews and Janet Amato, and seminars at the BMC (BodyMindCentering) with certified teacher Janet Amato.

She spends her time studying Reiki (2nd degree holder-treatment and self-treatment), meditating, and practicing Hatha Yoga.

She has been an instructor at Swaha since March 2014.