The Teacher's Voice. Your voice, as a teacher, creates and transmits the energy of your class. When your sound is relaxed and rooted in your body, your students will tend to feel grounded and at ease. Just as you choose your words and sequences carefully, it is important to convey your material with a voice that is straightforward and soothing. Your throat, Visuddhi chakra, is the energy center that expresses your inner truth. Expressing clearly through it, can make your classes authentic and inspiring.

During this workshop we will take time to observe our body and breath, and see how sound is produced and how it resonates. When your voice is free of tension, you can speak loud without strain and for a longer periods of time. So we need to learn how to deepen our breath, relax the throat and engage the vocal cords sufficiently. You will connect with your natural uninhibited voice and explore its volume and texture.

In particular, during this workshop we will:

- learn how the voice works and what inhibits it from actually flowing freely

- tune into the body and spine releasing tension

- tap into the mechanics of breathing and see how certain pranayama exercises can help supporting the voice

- explore the touch and texture of our individual and unique voice and see how it is amplified

- discover how sound resonates through different parts of the body

You will be given practical tools; exercises that will help you improve your articulation and increase the volume of your voice.

Sunday 04 & March 11, 2017: 16.00-20.00

Sunday 05 & March 12, 2017: 12.00-16.00

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