Shri Gaia Yoga Institute aims at raising the awareness through mind, body and spirit practices. With the ancient science of Yoga at its core, Shri Gaia focuses on conscious evolution through movement and stillness.



Exploring and observing the movement of patterns of thought, emotion, breath and body, and then our environment and our connection to it, we can validate the interconnectedness, creativity, potential and abundance of existence, using these movements to our advantage. With this in mind we train our students and clients, whether they are aspiring yoga teachers or already leaders in their field.

The transformative learning experiences at Shri Gaia Yoga Institute are designed to develop effective, skillful and inspirational leaders and teachers. Our training programs are directed by Tanya Savitri Popovich, Certified Yoga Teacher with a 20 year yoga experience and Leadership Coach with a 10 year corporate coaching experience.